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Exit Interview: mymuze18 Empty Exit Interview: mymuze18

Post by xsourxgumxrocksx on Thu 26 Sep - 11:47:42

Exit Interview

Thank you for signing up for this installment of Survivor IMDb. Please complete the following exit interview and share your experience with us, as well as provide any feedback for us to consider.

1. Why do you think you were voted out from the game?

2. What impact did the twist have on your game, if any? What could you have done differently to change the outcome?

3. Who do you think will win this game? What will you basing your jury vote on?

4. What is your proudest moment of the game?

5. Would you be open to returning for another season of Survivor IMDb in the future? Please explain why or why not.

6. Any feedback would be appreciated.  If you would, please provide some feedback on the hosting of this game. What impressed you the most, and what do you think could be improved?

7. In each season of Survivor, the departed castaways post a "final words" message about their overall experience in the game. Please give us your famous last words that you'd love for us to include at the end of the season.

We appreciate you for all your contributions to this season. Even though the game may be over for now, you are still welcomed to follow the game and post in a special area in the forum. Thanks once again and we will see you again come finale night!


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Exit Interview: mymuze18 Empty Re: Exit Interview: mymuze18

Post by mymuze18 on Thu 26 Sep - 14:50:18

1.i was voted out because I went against my alliance with Harley and Dillon but it was the move I needed to make success or fail.
2.well when kyle left it kind of helped my game even if he was in my alliance.
3 I kno Dillon and Harley will be in final 2 if the floaters continue to do nothing but they still have the numbers. ill be voting for Harley and Dillon second and if any of the other three are in the final I will not vote at all.
4.trying to get Harley ou even tho it was a fail it still was a good move if done rt im just pissed off at cherry
5. yes I had so much fin would love to and glad I made it this far.
6 I really loved the challenges maybe because im a horror nut but really fun and one of my favorite games to ever be apart of.
7.well I guess I dint make it to the finals with you Harley or you Dillon but im just glad one of you two are there. im really surprised I made it this far and proud that I did I had fun playing this game and loved this cast till next time.


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